Seeking consistent, attractive, risk-adjusted returns for patient investors through a diversified program of real estate investments.

Clay Cove Capital, LLC

Clay Cove Capital's strategies focus on investing in commercial real estate either directly or indirectly through collective investment vehicles.

Investment Strategy

Clay Cove Capital seeks investment opportunities that meet most, if not all, of the following investment criteria: institutional scale, attractive basis, risk mitigation, value creation, multiple exit strategies, and control positions.

Management Team

Amachie K. Ackah is the Founder of Clay Cove Capital where he has oversight responsibilities for all investment, strategic, and operational activities of the firm.  Brian D. Eng will lead real estate investment opportunities for family investors and consult continually with Mr. Ackah on investment strategy. Clay Cove Capital is completely beneficially owned and managed by Amachie K. Ackah and Brian D. Eng.

Brian D. Eng

(413) 262-2610

Amachie K. Ackah

(215) 310-5205